Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver?

Yup! We sure do. We deliver on the island of Montreal, and even close locations off island for a small fee ($5.75) and happily offer free delivery to Le Plateau-Mont-Royal. All orders over $100 have free delivery. Deliveries happen on Thursdays & Fridays

Can we pick up our order?

For sure you can! You can pick up your order at: 5425 rue de Bordeaux #108.

How long do your products last?

All our jars are stamped with a best before date. We do recommened that you consume your ferments within a month of opening them. Tip! Try to submerge the product in the brine/liquid as much as possible. The less its expossed to air, the longer it will keep.

Do the jars needs to be refrigerated?

Yes. Our products require refrigeration because refrigeration suspends the fermented vegetables at their peak time. The cooler temperature slows down the fermentation process. Also, once you open the jar and start sticking utensils (and possibly your fingers ?) in the jar, refrigeration helps prevent contamination microbes from growing.

What’s the difference between fermentation and pickling?

Fermenting and pickling are two different ways to preserve vegetables. Pickling is a sterile process where a hot vinegar brine is added to vegetables to preserve them in a pressure sealed jar. Fermenting (specifically wild fermentation) occurs when a specific salt concentration is added to vegetables then the mixture is allowed to ferment over time at room temperature. During fermentation, a succession of microbes occurs. These bacteria produce lactic acid and this lactic acid preserves the vegetables.

Is it normal if the cap domes, pops, fizzes, and the product overflows when opened?

Yes sir e! This reaction is due to the product actively fermenting in the jar. The off-gassing of healthy bacteria causes a build-up of pressure under the lid. It's the right sign that what you are about to eat is alive + active.
To not ruin your clothes or make a big ol' kitchen mess, we suggest you open the jars either over a sink or with a paper towl wrapped around the lid. Slowly open the cap to release any pressure (think a soda can that has been shook up) *No pop or overflow when opening a jar does not mean that it doesnt contain legions of gut-health-boosting bacteria. Trust us, it does! Each batch is a bit differnet and some are particularly active.

Can I eat lacto-fermented foods if I am vegan?

Yes. Lacto is not to be confussed with lactose. Lacto-fermentation, or lactic-acid-fermentation, has nothing to do with dairy.